Pennywise Skateboard Art Piece

Pennywise Skateboard Art Piece


One of the interesting things about our shop is there's always something new lying around waiting for someone to make into an art piece, (or a very expensive skateboard if you've got that kinda cash). Anyways, Tim, our airbrush artist, found a blank deck way too skinny for anyone to actually skate and decided to spray some sinister looking Pennywise artwork to hang in our showroom.

Tim only airbrushes 100% free-hand. In this case, he outlined the image lightly in pencil before switching to the airbrush to complete the board in full colour. Tim specializes in a technique called micro-detailing. The term itself is self-explanatory, but seeing it done in person is much more impressive than can be captured in a photo. 

This item is 1 of 1 and once sold will not be reproduced.

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