Custom Paint

We are Ottawa's most trusted path to a great looking and durable finish. From large scale resprays on cars, trucks, boats, ATV's, motorcycles and more, to small scale and comprehensive airbrush and hand-painted brush work, we have you covered.




We're ottawa's first and only fully licensed hydrographics applicator.

Also known as immersion printing or water-transfer printing, hydrographics allow you to have a photorealistic design printed in a glosssatin or matte finish on almost any 3D object. Hydrographics can be applied to most common materials including metal, plastic, glass, hard woods, fiberglass, ceramics and more. Your item is prepared as it would be for a paint application, but rather than spraying the colour onto the item, a film with your chosen design is placed into a custom built application tank. An activator solution is then added to the tank, which dissolves the film itself, leaving behind only the ink featuring your chosen design. Your item is then carefully placed into the hydrographic tank and the natural surface tension of water assists in wrapping the design flawlessly around the object, leaving behind a beautifully complex finish in one of over 600 designs to choose from.     




We're your one-stop-shop for hand drawn airbrush art.

Like tattoos, freehand airbrush work has a style that is completely unique compared to anything else out there. With over 20 years of experience behind us, a perfect blend of soft lighting and crisp details is achieved on every item.

Because airbrush work is done entirely freehand right from the start, no two items are ever the exact same.   




Pinstriping is the process of painting precise and well proportioned lines by hand using a fine brush. Each line is done in only a single stroke of the brush and like airbrushing, ends up being a piece completely unique to anything else out there.    




Prototype and production item Refinishing

Create the product and leave the rest to us.

You recognize that your product must have a great looking and durable finish to satisfy the needs of your customers as well as uphold the image of your business. At Sketchs Ink, we have been refinishing 3d printed prototypes and completed production items since 2014 and continue to refinish over 250 products per month.        



Cosmetic Body Repair

We offer cosmetic body repair on cars, trucks, motorcycles and more. From fender-benders to stone chips and scratch removal, at Sketchs Ink we can restore your vehicle to showroom condition.  



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