Q: What information do you need from me in order to give me an estimate?


A: We require that you either bring your item/vehicle into the shop for us to see in person OR send us an email with detailed photos of your item/vehicle along with an explanation of your request and an explanation of any surface imperfections. If you require a specific paint code (EG. a Specific Ferrari Red to match another part) you must include this information to receive an accurate estimate.



Q: How long will it take for you to write me an estimate for work I’ve requested?


A: We try our best to send out written estimates by email within 48 hours, however certain estimates may take up to 5 business days to be completed. Sketchs Ink makes no guarantees on estimate turnaround times as each is entirely circumstantial.



Q: Do certain patterns of hydrographics cost more/less than others?


A: No. The film you choose will not affect the overall price.



Q: Do you offer vehicle vinyl wrapping services?


A: We currently do not offer vinyl wrapping services.



Q: Do I need to know the colours/design I want before bringing my item in?


A: No. We can provide options and work with you to choose the perfect design/colour.



Q: Is it possible to apply hydrographics to my wheels?


A: Yes. Hydrographics can be applied to certain kinds of wheels. Wheels with a dish deeper than 2” and/or a unique spoke design may not be possible due to the inevitable distortion.



Q: What is the largest item that can be hydro-dipped?


A: Our application tank is 4x10x2.5 feet. Certain items that are larger than the tank’s depth can be dipped in sections. Certain items that fit within the tank but have an awkward shape may not be possible to dip. The best way to be sure is to send us photos for an estimate.



Q: What is the smallest item that can be hydro-dipped?


A: Items down to the size of a thumbtack can be dipped.

Note: Sketchs Ink has a minimum shop charge of $120 CAD.



Q: I want a custom/personalized design on my item. Am I still able to use hydrographics?


A: No. Hydrographics are only available in preset films. If you find a film online that is not listed on our website, we will likely be able to use it.



Q: Which parts require a powder coat rather than a standard paint job?


A: Powder coating is used when durability and tolerance to extreme heat is needed. Any engine block/manifold parts as well as wheels typically need a powder coat to ensure a lasting finish.



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