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The Sketchs Ink Backyard Build-Off

in 2018 we hosted our first annual motorcycle build-off contest where 10 gear-heads had the chance to win a personalized paint job for their completed project bike.

We hand-picked our favourite builds from the entries we received and the online community voted in 2 rounds to decide who the winner was.

The winning bike (complete with the winner’s chosen paint) will be revealed at the Sketchs Ink Block Party on Saturday, August 18th, 2018.


This Year’s Winner


Ian Murchison

"I've been slowly chipping away at this bike for 2 years now, really trying to build something that's a great, around-the-town bike. I purchased the bike in relatively well, running condition, it's been stripped down and chopped a little bit. I quickly ran out of money needed for a proper paint job though so progress has slowed and design simplified to just get something on the road. Core fabrication parts I still need to work on are finishing the front light mounting in the number plate, custom fibreglass seat pan with leather seat and custom 2 to 1 exhaust.

The core idea initially is a hybrid mix of offroad (where I first started on a motorcycle) and simple onroad. Nothing to crazy, I just wanted a nice clean, reliable build to call my own. Core initial paint idea was an all white front (wheel, fender, forks, number plate, tank) and all black rear (seat shell, frame, rear wheel).

If I were to win the competition I would consider a more unique approach to the tank design, something to bridge the change from white to black, possibly something like the KRINK drip graffiti style or a 'sharpie-like' artwork of the white 'earth' cracking and revealing the black world below."